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"We were extremely impressed by Semanticflow quick response to our inquire for a custom landing page. They were also able to provide us with a proof within a few days and made all the modifications we requested without issue. They "got" our design style and the second page they did for us needed little to no modifications. We would recommend them hands down." - Audience Creation SA

"Someone trusted from performance marketing industry recommended semanticflow.com to me. The communication was good and the designer made sure all the requirements are understood before proceed to coding. It was really easy to work with and I'm really satisfied with the output. The price is affordable and I highly recommend this to anyone." - Azman H, Malaysia

"Just wanted to say semanticflow did a good job with the design I got from him for landing page , order page and thank you page. Modifications to the design were also done quickly. " - penguinbc

"I can describe SemanticFlow's work in one word ... AWESOME! I gave him a PSD for only one page, and a rough idea of how my sub pages should look. Mousumi did an amazing job, everything was perfect. Even when i asked for simple tweaks, she did them with no problem and very fast. Her prices are also very reasonable. I highly recommend her. Choosing her to do my work was a great decision. A++++ Thanks again." - Mary Jones

"Semantic Flow is an awesome Wed designer. She did (and still doing) some work for me on multiple projects and I'm 110% satisfied each time. " -FuriousStyles

"Semantic delivered a quality landing page on time. Great design and will certainly be sending more work very soon. " - MasterSparky

"Awesome Work!! Got 3 banners designed in a timely manner, a day less than the time frame mentioned. Highly Recommended, I ordered 3 flash banners and waiting for them to be done. Also got a PHP & AJAX project done by Semantic, Very high quality. Great turnaround time for any bugs discovered, and she worked with me to deliver it bugg free. Thanks alot Semantic. " - Ahmed

"Just got an excellent lander designed by Semantic for me. Communication, attention to detail, and response to critique were perfect in getting me exactly the kind of lander I wanted. Thanks SemanticFlow. " -theprodigy101

"My banner has been completed. Semanticflow was easy to work with and does great work. I would recommend him if you are looking for a dependable graphic designer. Thanks! " - awesometbn

"Wow. Really impressed with Mousumi's work. Fast turnaround, exactly what I wanted, very high quality. " -elime

"I used Mousumi servises to design a landing page with animated GIF. I have to say that the work were great, on schedule and a very good service. I know I will use their services again.Thank you very much for the good work. " - Rotem

"Just got my logo. She made 4 designs to choose from and they were all very good. Asked if any changes were needed but it was perfect the way it is. Very professional and fast work. " - silentbob

"Very Fast Turn Around time Excellent work on my headers! Highly Recommend. " -nick throlson

"Just got my new LP from semanticflow.Very good job. I'm really happy with the result.Will definately order some more LPs very soon. " - IsraeliGuy

"Got the completed design and production back today- Everything looks great, very professional. Will definitely be getting some more pages done. " -Josh

"Excellent job designing a GUI for a Windows based application. Speedy delivery, extra attention to detail, ansolutely no complaints! Will do business again. " -chiefJ

" Just got a CSS/xHTML project done from Semantic.Very professional, quick turnaround and excellent work!Highly recommended. " - joeybadoey

"Hey, it's not everyday you get VALUE for your money. After careful review (and procrastination) - I decided to try semanticflow.I was sent a link to review the work, after a couple days.I suggested a few changes and BAM, thank you MAM! It was right on.My first experience spending money on a provider here - worked out.Those riding the fence and honestly need design help. Rest assured - I am living proof of having good experience. Liked it so much, I purchased two. " -MadHatz

"Had Mousumi redesign a page for me, got it back today all coded in css/xhtml. This is the second project I've had him do and I'll be continuing to use her for as long as she's available. " - Mike Philips

" I hired Semantic Flow to build a landing page for us. She did a great job with excellent communication throughout the process. " - Trueblue

"I just got my first project finished. A nine page site with data capture for a new lead gen campaign in the UK. I am delighted with the finished site. Excellent design and flow with good call to action impact in a way i could not begin to design myself. Just what i needed and i know that my site is likely one of the best in this niche now. Very good value indeed i feel and i will definitely be using again. Thanks! " - Glyn Lewis.

"Just got a PHP & AJAX project done by Semantic, Very high quality. Great turnaround time for any bugs discovered, and she worked with me to deliver it bugg free. Thanks alot Semantic " - Ahmed Kassem.

"Really well done, very happy with it! Received the Logo next day after ordering. btw, semanticflow also does vector and can draw by hand. Very talented artist, will have some more needed soon. " - Slang Productions.

"Took around 4-5 days to get my completed landing page in 2 versions. This time frame includes initial concept and many revisions. In the end a great process and with very good quality of work. Highly recommend. " - Seb Fernando.

"My banner has been completed. Semanticflow was easy to work with and does great work. I would recommend her if you are looking for a dependable graphic designer. Thanks!. " - Edward Evans.

"Just got my order, had to switch from a psd and full coding to just a psd at the last minute due to some money problems. Semantic handled everything very professionally. Fast, affordable, and an amazing graphic designer. If you aren't working with semanticflow, then your not really competing in your niche. Would definitely use again. " - Jason.

"Had the header completed very fast and very well done. Highly recommended and will use for future projects. " - Mike Philips.

"If you're looking for an AMAZING coder you've found them. SemanticFlow did a great job coding a landing page for me that I needed done quickly. I got the work done and finished a day earlier than we agreed on - I HIGHLY recommend SemanticFlows services." - Tom Lambert.

"Semantic delivered a quality landing page on time. Great design and will certainly be sending more work very soon. " - Nathan Metzger.

"Semantic did some great work! It was delivered to me quickly, and needed no revisions! Thanks! " - Austin Meadows.

"I had Semanticflow produce an LP for me and the experience and work was great! I highly recommend for creative and coding work on LP's. All my needs were met and communication was great over email and IM. " - Michael Rowles Copia Marketing LLC.

"We used Semantic Flow for one of our web design projects which was the redesign of an existing large website. The design was a WordPress theme and we had certain requirements which needed to be met in terms of the design. We received daily progress reports and found the lines of communication excellent. In addition, the design project was completed in a very reasonable time. Very pleased with the outcome and will happily use them again for similar projects." " - Kevin O'Sullivan.

"semanticflow has an efficient process of eliciting the essentials she needs to create your design the way you need it. She got 80% of what I was looking for on her first revision and then nailed the exact look I needed on revision two. All in less than 3 days.." - Sean.

"Semanticflow was able to take a job right on demand and completed it within a timeframe that most designers wouldn't be able to do for days. Fast designing, fast coding, quality work. What more could you ask for..." - Gk Pai.

"I have worked with various designers in the past and SemanticFlow is the best one hands down.  Good quality work is now expected of me when I contact SemanticFlow for web design." - Derek.

"I was very happy with the work done by Semantic Flow. I had several changes during the design process and Mousumi implemented them quickly and satisfactorily. The finished product looks great and I'm looking forward to putting it into action." - Adam.

"Semanticflow did a great job on our page! It was beyond my expectations. We'll defintely use them again." - LaMont P.

"Mousumi did a great job of converting my psd to html. Her code is standards compliant and his service and turnaround were absolutely brilliant. Thank you for your quick work and I look forward to sending more work your way." - Luke van de Paverd – VDP Websites

"Having worked with many graphic designers over the past few years, I can safely say Semanticflow delivers the most value for your dollar. With very little input from us, they created a beautiful, balanced design and delivered on time. I would recommend them with no reservations." - Patrick – Adaptive Theory

"It was my first time working with Semanticflow. I'm satisfied with the end result; through several feedback moments we got to the end result really fast. Compliments to the response time. I will surely make use of their services again." - Thijs - Spelletjes.es

"Semantic finished the LP, its PERFECT! Great job at a great price. Was able to provide expedited services at an extremely fair price. Would highly recommend!." - Lions Web Marketing, Inc.

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