How our landing page design converts your visitor into customer

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Have you ever wondered why your landing pages aren’t converting well like your competitors landing page? Why your landing pages aren’t giving you the conversion you always wanted? What tricks are being applied by your competitors to make their landing pages convert?

If yes then the answer is your landing page isn’t effective enough to convey the message you want and isn’t appealing to the customers. Here are some tips and tricks which can help your landing page conversion.

1. Split Testing

Start split test with your landing pages and see which landing page is converting well for you. One of the main reasons why many new affiliates fail is because they don’t split test. You can find 430+ landing page designs of various categories on starting from $10 only, you can purchase them and use them for split testing purpose.

2. Strong Headline

Your landing page should provide your visitors clear message on what deal you are offering them, so you need to be very clear and specific. If your headline is appealing enough then there is more chances of conversion.

How our landing page design converts your visitor into customer

3. Content

As we all know content is the KING, after your visitors are being appealed by your headline then you would need to provide them with an effective content. You will need to communicate the visitors your offering very well through the content so that they can understand the importance of your offer or product.

landing page design content part.


4. Minimum form fields 

Try to keep only fewer form fields as mostly customers are not interested in filling up long forms. Only keep the form fields which are essential.

Minimum form fields in landing page design


5. Real faces

Try and use real faces people in your landing page or testimonials, real people are trusted very much and can help in huge conversion of your landing page. Trust is very essential for conversion. Studies have revealed that real human faces have a great impact on conversion of a website or landing page.

6. Call to Action Button

A clear call to action button. Always pay attention to the look, feel, shape, color, size and placement of your buttons. Call to actions buttons play an important role in conversion.

Call to action button on landing page design


7. Video

You can also create a video and implement in your landing page which can explain to your visitors the importance of your product or service and you can convey your message to the visitors .

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